Join the Baronies of Three Mountains, Stromgard, and Dragon's Mist to celebrate Yule!

Feast, Dance, Play Games and be Merry.

December 16th, 2017


Per the request of HE Dragon's Mist a beard decorating contest will be held where teams will compete in categories: Best Theme, Loudest, Most Festive, etc. You may enter a beard as a team. 
One is the decorator and the other is the subject.

There will also be an Ugly Period PJ Contest -The judging will be taking place during the first half of the day. There will be a designated table to put the PJ's on. There will be four categories: Loudest, Most festive, Best theme, etc. Populace will be encouraged to wear their period Pj's to court for fun.

Champion's Choice A&S competition: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, with great prizes!

Desert competition! Please include a 3x5 card with your ingredients. It will be judged at Lunch feast with the remainder left over to snack on.

All winners will be announced at court.

There will be a station set up to receive Granny Squares for the relief blankets that Lisa Morello has so generously been working towards. So If you can knit or crochet and would like to donate an 8" granny square in pure acrylic yarn there will be a spot to do so.

Letters of Intent for Sergeants Trials in AS LII!

Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist will be accepting these letters from any members of the populace that would like to work towards this notable accolade.

Contact Event Stewards with Questions: 

 Ronan MacGuaire- Food/Kitchen
Livi Astrajord- Activities Scheduling/Website updates
Gundahar Holzsson- Marshall Coordination

Oregon Army National Guard Armory

474 S 7th St
Saint Helens, OR 97051
United States

Good day fair people! It's your friendly event steward with a couple of quick but important announcements for Yule.

#1: Smoking will be allowed off site only so if you need a quick nicotine or vape break, please walk to the street to enjoy it.

#2: No pets will be allowed on site during the event. Only certified service animals only please.

#3: The St Helens Armory is owned by the state, and is considered a dry site. This means absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be allowed to be consumed on site during the event. I cannot stress this enough, and do not want to hamper anyone's day, but I've been informed that if anyone is caught with alcohol during the event, they will be asked to leave.

We appreciate your assistance with this. Thank you, HL Ronan MacGuaire

Feast Potluck Groups:

Norse/ Celtic- Hearty Side Dishes

Norman/ English- Salads, fruits

Misc regions- Breads and cheeses

French/ Spanish- Desserts

Please email ronan.macguaire[at] and let the feast-o-crat know if you need space for a crock pot to live during the day.

Hot mulled apple cider will be provided. Please remember to bring any non-alcoholic drinks that you will wish to enjoy during the day. 

Free Site Fee!

Tentative Schedule:

  • Gate Open : 9 AM
  • Laurel Meeting : 10am - 12:30pm
  • Dancing: 11am
  • Children's Activity - Snowflakes : 10:45am
  • Heavy and Rapier Start: 10:30am
  • Lunch Feast : 12:00pm 
  • Dessert Competition to be judged at Lunch
  • Children's Activity - Bardic Circle: 1 pm
  • Thrown and 3M Youth Championship start: 1:30pm
  • Children's Activities - Cookie Decorating: 3pm-4pm
  • Champions Choice A&S Competition Judging : 3pm
  • Period PJ competition Judging : 3:30pm
  • Beard Decorating Competition Judging : 4pm
  • Closing Court : 4:15pm
  • Dinner Feast : 6pm
  • Children's Yule gifts: end of feast
  • Clean up and site close by 8pm


Meats provided, with a potluck. 

Lunch will be shredded chicken and smoked pulled pork for sandwiches. We will be providing buns, veggie trays and condiments, but will gladly take donations for chips, pretzels, etc. that can be served alongside it.

Feast will consist of Turkey breasts and legs that will be smoked while on site, as well as elk and beef shepherd’s pie. We will be doing the event as a traditional potluck, and have decided to separate out the food categories based on persona region instead of name. Please see the grouping below to find your persona nationality. If you wish to bring something other than this, go for it!

This event is all about bringing people together to share traditions, joy and merriment. If you have a recipe that has been served during the holidays in your house for generations, please bring it. If you can’t eat the main dishes and want to bring something to substitute for yourself, I would encourage it because I don’t want anyone to go hungry.

We can't wait to see you there!