Join us in a celebration of Carnevale di Venezia!!!

Saturday March 24th, 2018


Location: 485 S. Main St Banks, Or. 97106


Feast Menu

Remove 1

Hand pies (meat and vegetarian)

Pickled vegetables

Bread, and olive oil

Remove 2 (cold)

Smoked pork

Salat of apples 

Onion stuffed eggs

Remove 3 (hot)

Chicken with 2 sauces

Fresh peas with parsley 

Mint almond milk rice

Remove 4

Dessert competition and donated dishes

Questions regarding recipe ingredients and allergy information should be directed to Flora da Firenza (Marla Christensen)


Events of the Day

Costume Parade - Our traditional costume competition will begin with a Carnevale-inspired parade through the hall early in the day. Participants will have the opportunity to show off their beauty while enjoying the other events of the day.  Voting will be anonymous, and results will be announced during court.

Indulgence - This dessert competition will feature sinful decadence of all sorts. Participants’ confections will be judged on relation to the theme (Carnevale) and, above all, the taste. ***Desserts to share are encouraged whether entered into the contest or not***

Iron Scribal - Note cards will be available to paint. There will be four main divisions - Youth (17 and under), Beginner (painting one year or less), Intermediate (painting two to four years), Advanced (painting more than four years). Judging will take place before court, and results will be announced during court.

Ask-a-Peer round table discussion - Do you have questions about An Tir's Peerages? We have many amazing Peers right here in our Barony! Come and have a great conversation with them about their experiences, expertise and advice on your questions!

Throughout the day we will also have dancing and classes to keep us entertained. Everything will culminate into a fantastic feast and the Court of Their Excellencies, Ana and Jose.

Thrown weapons tournament of chance - Place your weapons on the table, roll the dice, and take a chance with the weapon you roll for. Participants must be older than nine years of age, and please bring your adult if you are a minor.

The fee for this event is $15 with a $5 member discount for all those over the age of majority (18).

Those under the age of 13 are invited to join their adult at no charge. In addition, it is $10 to partake in the feast.

(All fees are based per individual)

Celebrate the opulence and pleasures of 16th century Italy.

Join Dragon’s Mist for feasting, dancing, and fun diversions on the day of March 24th.

Come all and grace Schlegel Hall with costumed beauty.

Gaming Fundraiser!

Games - Come support the baronial champions cloak fund by purchasing tokens and take part in fun games and frivolity with lovely prizes donated by the populace

Event Steward

HL Fae

Contact with Questions

Bardic Championship

Theme of the competition is "Songs and Legends."
Each competitor must present two pieces: one a period song, and one period legend. Examples of legends include tales of Cu Chúlainn of Ireland, Roland of France, and Rustam of Persia. Every culture has them, feel free to explore and find a legend from period that appeals to you. Storytelling performances will be limited to twenty minutes, so it may be best to choose a single story and not, for example, the entire Táin bó Cúailnge. The song may use voice and/or instruments and may be accompanied by other musicians, but the performance of the competitor MUST be the star of the show. If we can't pick you out of a crowd of musicians playing then we can't judge YOUR performance. Both performances must be accompanied by documentation. Bonus: it is allowable for both performances to be the same piece, but it will be performed twice: once to judge the "legend" piece, and once to judge the "song" piece. Two pieces of documentation must still be provided: one for the musical and one for the storytelling aspects. Poems are allowed as an alternative to a song. Original compositions in a period style will also be permitted for the song/poem category, but the inspiration for the composition must be documented.

For questions, please contact HL Helena Zancani

Proposed Schedule

9:00 Site Opens

10:00 Morning Court/ Invocation

10:30 Rapier Challenge armor inspection

     Introductory Embroidery 101 (class)

11:00 Rapier Challenge begins

     Thrown weapons range opens

     Court as Theater (class)

     Game tables open

12:00 Iron Scribal begins

     Costume Parade

12:30 Bardic Championship

     Fraktur Calligraphy (class)

2:00 Dancing Posament (class)

3:00 Ask a Peer round table discussion

4:00 Indulgence for the Coronets

     Iron Scribal concludes

5:00 Carnevale Court

6:00 The Feast begins

10:00 Site Closes

Rapier Championship

 The Dragon’s Mist Rapier Champion challenges those finding themselves worthy to come forward and compete to take his place. 

Rapier Championship format:

Round 1: 10 minute Bear Pit, each contestant begins the round with their primary weapon in their non-dominant hand. They may switch to their dominant hand once they have lost a bout. Secondaries for the field as a whole will be at Their Excellencies discretion. Only wins are counted. Double kills will be re-fought once, then are destructive.

Round 2: repeat round 1

Round 3: repeat round 1

Final Round: The two contestants with the highest victory totals will fight a best of 3, with the only restriction being that Their Excellencies may choose the secondary for each bout.

Thrown Weapons Challenge: Format TBD

The Gauntlet is thrown: BRING YOUR BEST! This is a chance to push yourself and create something you’ll be proud of for years. Start planning now!

 A & S Championship

Arts & Sciences Championship - Single entry, documentation and oral presentation required. Will be judged on period methods, materials, and understanding of period context. The entry should contribute to a better understanding of an aspect of period life or material culture. Research papers, performances, and consumables are welcome as well as the usual artistic object. Details on judging forms, etc. at the link below. The winner will receive silver or gold-plated jewelry, made by the hand of the current A& Champion as a prize. The winner will choose an item of largesse as an additional prize. A largesse item will also be granted to an entrant chosen by the Baron and Baroness.

Required for entry:
  • Notify Tullia Saturnina of your intent, with the title of your entry, by 3/1/18.
  • Submit a letter of intent to Their Excellencies in court on the day of the Championship.
  • A largesse donation of a period object (or useful period materials), preferably made by the entrant. This largesse item can be your A&S Competition entry, however, that’s not expected. Your largesse donation will be presented and considered with your judged entry.
  • Entrants must be willing to assume the responsibilities associated with being the Champion of the Barony of Dragons Mist. You gain the honor of wearing the Champion’s cloak, and carry the Champion’s regalia. Additionally, you earn a place of pride whenever the Baronial Court is in session. You will organize next year’s competition, with the aid of the event steward and A&S Minister.

For Full details click here

The Gauntlet is thrown: BRING YOUR BEST! This is a chance to push yourself and create something you’ll be proud of for years. Start planning now!