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Per our lovely Seneschal— due to inclement weather:
The baronial meeting will be held TONIGHT at 7:30PM through
I will initiate the meeting call sat 7:15PM to make sure all that would like to attend are invited to participate. Major officers have already received a link in their OFFICER email to this conversation. If you did not receive it, please let me know and I will trouble shoot. Every officer, major and minor has a google profile through the barony. If you wish to use a personal one, PM me asap.
Minor officers/deputies and populace- you are welcomed to participate as well, if you would like to do so, please PM as soon as you can today to get you invited (I don’t want to be doing this all at the last minute). I will need your email address with which you mean to log in to google.
Please let me know if you have any questions- it is of utmost importance that people make an attempt to attend this meeting as we will still need to satisfy quorum to proceed with Baronial Business.
***A headset would be HIGHLY recommended for this meeting, headphones will probably also work fine, but you will have the ability to use text as well if you need to do so.

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