Chronicler ( Lady Kendryth filia Gerald – the branch chronicler is responsible for keeping minutes of the branch business meetings and for publishing the branch newsletter, “The Dragon’s Tongue,” which includes the minutes, officers’ contact information, site for the business meetings, practices, local area meetings, event copy, and other articles of interest to the branch.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Minister of Arts and Sciences ( Catriona Douglas– help Society members in their endeavors by being a resource, arranging for classes, and holding competitions to inspire interest in the arts and sciences of the Current Middle Ages.

Lists Minister

Lists Minister ( (OPEN)- confirms that all combatants and marshals have valid fighter authorization cards, arranges and records the pairing of fighters at tournaments and demonstrations, compiles a roster of fighters and marshals in their area with notes on the qualifications of each, sees that combat waivers are brought to and used at all functions involving Society combat, and works with the marshals and heralds to ensure smoothly run tournaments.

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Thrown Weapons Marshal ( Lord Gaius Octavius Lunaris– must be an An Tir warranted Thrown Weapons Marshal; oversees thrown weapons standards in the branch, education and enforcement of safe thrown weapons activities, and maintains and stores and branch thrown weapons.

Youth Armored Combat (YAC) Marshal

Youth Armored Combat (YAC) Marshal ( – Lord Ronan Stavius MacGuire– must pass background check; must be an An Tir warranted YAC Marshal; oversees YAC combat standards in the branch; education and enforcement of safe combat for the youth of the branch.