The Explorer (explorer@dragonsmist.antir.sca.org), Lord Anrothan O’Murchadha, finds potential sites for branch activities, and assists Event Stewards with maps and directions.


The Seneschal (seneschal@dragonsmist.antir.sca.org), Lady Alaina Blackthorn, is responsible for the coordination of the Society activities in the branch and is the legal representative for the branch; presides at branch meetings; required to sit on the Financial Committee of the branch.

Their Excellencies José and Ana

His Excellency José Cabrera de Castilla is the Baron of Dragon’s Mist. (José Tomás Diego Maria Cabrera de Castilla de Madrid y Barcelona) Persona: 16th Century Spanish   Persona colors: Black, gold, green, bronze, brown, cream, and white Personal Favorite Color: Black Garb Preferences: Late period clothing appropriate to a hidalgo/Spanish Don. Western European heavily preferential.  Period hats, trims, shoes, embroidered items and garb. Please contact Head of Retinue for measurements and sizes. Fabric: wool, linen, silk (Natural Colors or Baronial Colors – Black and White) Continue reading →