His Excellency Finn Grim

His Excellency Finn Grim is the Baron of Dragon’s Mist.

Persona: Norman 1050-1100, During the time of William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings, think Bayeux tapestry.

Color Preferences:Persona colors (green/Black/ White or silver) Personal Favorite Colors: Green and Blue

Fabric: wool, linen, silk (Natural Colors or Baronial Colors – Black and White)

Garb Preferences:Norman tunics, period head coverage, trims (inkle/ card), period shoes, embroidered bags/haversacks and garb, as well as 14 century English Please contact Head of Retinue for sizes.

Other wishes: Hand made items, fibers to make things with (weaving threads, spun fibers, etc.) song and poetry.

Likes: Colors: Black, blue,green, and white. Silver over Gold, Showers, Scented homemade soaps, Fiber arts, Heavy fighting- swords and shields, Archery, Books – hand made

Dislikes: Color red or yellow, Cigarettes or cigarette smoke

Music: Violin, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, A Capella (Irish, Scottish)


Likes: Gatorade jellies, Black olives, Grilled cheese with pepperjack, Bacon-crispy- no flop, Pickled beets, Chai, Corn Chips with salsa or hummus, Scotch, Tequila, Wine, Most juices (no grapefruit), Pies (fruit, lemon meringue, and pecan), Mushrooms, Drinks without ice, Caramel, Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, chicken, ham, corned beef, Brisket

Dislikes: Pickles (allergic), Fruit punch (allergic), Grapefruit juice, drinks with ice, Onion, Mayo, Mustard, Rum, Coffee, Peanuts and peanut butter, Dried coconut, Fast food

Challenge: I will try my hand at any craft/dance/art put before me (The more I can learn the better, extra kudos for teaching me yourself)