Their Excellencies José and Ana

His Excellency José Cabrera de Castilla is the Baron of Dragon’s Mist.

(José Tomás Diego Maria Cabrera de Castilla de Madrid y Barcelona)

Persona: 16th Century Spanish


  • Persona colors: Black, gold, green, bronze, brown, cream, and white
  • Personal Favorite Color: Black
  • Garb Preferences: Late period clothing appropriate to a hidalgo/Spanish Don. Western European heavily preferential.  Period hats, trims, shoes, embroidered items and garb. Please contact Head of Retinue for measurements and sizes.
  • Fabric: wool, linen, silk (Natural Colors or Baronial Colors – Black and White)
  • Weave: dupioni, jacquard, pulled-thread linen, wool melton (fulled/felted)
  • Other wishes: Handmade items, leather goods, fabrics, embroidery floss, inks, calligraphy supplies, rattan, song and poetry, silver jewelry (especially with onyx stones)
  • Likes: Illumination/gold leaf, heavy fighting- (swords, shields and pole weapons), archery, dance, birds of prey and falconry, Shakespeare, Spanish renaissance theater
  • Dislikes: Cigarettes or cigarette smoke, fall-down drunkenness
  • Music: medieval and renaissance Spanish songs (and anything Spanish-language), music from or based on Shakespeare’s plays
  • Food:
    • Likes: Grilled cheese, crispy bacon, apple ciders (Angry Orchard crispy apple is a fave), Hefeweizen, Blue Moon, moscato or white zinfandel wines, orange juice, peanut butter, caramel, Chocolate chip cookie dough, salted caramel ice cream, teriyaki, good cheeses (asiago, romano, gouda, brie, etc.) and crackers, sushi, Rockstar Punched, butterscotch flavored drinks/liqueurs, raspberry flavored drinks/liqueurs
    • Dislikes: Black licorice, grapefruit, celery, cabbage, fruit mixed w/chocolate, mint, most ‘dry’ meads and wines


Her Excellency Iuliana de la Sara is the Baroness of Dragon’s Mist. 

Persona: Spanish 16th Century


  • Persona colors: Green, Black, Gold, Burgundy and White
  • Personal Favorite Color: Green
  • Fabric: wool, linen, silk (Jewel tones or Baronial Colors – Black and White)
  • Garb Preferences: Late period dress appropriate to a lady of upper/middle class birth. All Cultures are acceptable.  Period head coverage, trims, period shoes, embroidered bags/haversacks and garb. Please contact Head of Retinue for sizes.
  • Other wishes: Hand made items, fabrics, paints, inks, calligraphy or illumination supplies. Rattan.  Song and poetry.
  • Likes: Scented homemade soaps (please no sweet smells-lavender or rose are ok), Illumination, Silk Banners, Beading, Heavy fighting- swords and shields, Archery, Books – hand made
  • Dislikes: Cigarettes or cigarette smoke
  • Music: Almost everything
  • Food:
    • Likes: Gatorade, Black olives, Grilled cheese, Bacon-slightly floppy, Mochas, Chai, hummus, Apple Ciders (Angry Orchard Original),  Long Island Ice Teas, Tequila, Moscato Wines, Most juices (no grapefruit), Pies (fruit (no mirangue), peanut butter, chocolate and pecan), Mushrooms,  ice cream, almost all proteins, shortbread cookies, Dried Coconut, almost any kind of nut, Sushi, Eggs in any format-over easy is the best. Iced Tea, sweet or not  (no extra flavors- lemon/fruit), Chocolate chip cookies! 
    • Dislikes: Licorice, Lemon, Grapefruit, Celery, Jelly Beans, Peppers, Cauliflower, Raisins, Fruit mixed w/chocolate, Mint (unless Ice cream), Fast food. Rose and/or lemon flavored foods/drinks. Hoppy beer, Red wine, most dry meads/cider. 
  • Challenge: I will try my hand at any craft/art put before me (The more I can learn the better, extra kudos for teaching me yourself)

Public Appearances:

Feb 23: Founding Revel
Mar 8-10: Baroness Ana to West to teach banner painting
Mar 23: Carnevale
Mar 29 – Apr 1: Baroness Ana to Artemisia for Regional Heavy FP with Duke Sean
May 17 – 19: May Crown
May 24 – 26: Egils Sca
June 1: Dragon’s Mist Championships
July 3 – 7: An Tir West War
July 19 – 21: July Coronation
July 26 – 28: Stormgods
Aug 15 – 18: Sport of Kings
Aug 30 – Sep 2: September Crown
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