Fundraising For An Tir

There are many options in An Tir to assist our Kingdom, here are some:


1) One Hour for our Kingdom

The work of our Majesties is important and costly. Please help support Their efforts with a Once-a-Reign donation equal to one hour of your salary (or whatever can be afforded).
 You may donate via PayPal, Zelle, or other on-line method of choice using OneHourForOurKingdom(at) as the target e-mail, or via check directly to the Kingdom Exchequer. Please put “One Hour” in the Check Memo. 

NB: The account these monies go into is used exclusively for this effort. It co-mingles with no other monies nor purposes.

For Questions, Comments, Suggestions or to assist, please contact 
Sir Brand
Deputy for Inspirational Giving (fundraising)
Kingdom of An Tir
Under the Office of The Exchequer of An Tir


2) Kingdom Indiegogo
We are setting up an Indiegogo page that will offer up items from the populace. For donations to the “One Hour for our Kingdom” account (100% of which goes to support the goals and travels of our Majesties) people will receive (at 12th Night and at July Coronation) the desired item.
How it works.
Indiegogo has different rewards for donations. Each item will set its own reward. For example: If Lady Duct of Tape makes a tourney ready sword, they notify the Indiegogo Coordinator (me). They send me pictures and promise to have it at 12th Night. I post the pictures and ask for a price of donation (say, $30.00)
Squire Rising of Snap sees the sword on the page, likes it, and donates $30.00 to the fund. I have the sword at 12th Night. Squire Rising picks up their new sword.
Items can be new, items we no longer want (old garb, old armor) arts and crafts projects, services, gift certificates, cookies…)
3) Penny Fund Drive

A challenge for all Students – The An Tir Penny Drive! 

Collect your pennies (or other small change) and bring and/or send them to 12th Night. The Student who collects the most coins BY WEIGHT will win an in person interactive demonstration from the group “History Scholars for Educational Advancement” *
The two runners up will receive video chat educational programs.
This will be a completely free of charge opportunity to be arranged sometime before the end June, 2019.

All Money collected will go to TRM for Travel Funds for the next Majesties, or what Kingdom Fund TRM feel is most needful.

Educational Visitation Topics may include: Shakespeare, the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance, Colonial America, Benjamin Franklin, Theatre…

*(The HSEA is a professional educational group that I run. I have mastered professional educational demonstrations for schools since 1973.)