Welcome to the biggest gathering of food fanatics in the known world!

The West Coast Culinary Symposium is a chance for like-minded enthusiastic people to get together and share their love and knowledge of period foods and cooking practices.  We are looking to share not only the recipes and methods of old, but also the delicious results!  Our guests will be comfortably lodged in cabins with access to several on-site kitchens as well as outdoor cooking areas.


When: Friday, March 29th to Sunday, March 31st, 2013 (5pm Friday to 12pm Sunday)

Where: Camp Namanu

10300 SE Camp Namanu Rd

Sandy OR, 97055


a.      Adult Site** (Weekend, including lodging): $80

b.      Minor Site: (Weekend, including lodging): $40

c.       Daytrip Only** (Food included): $20

d.      Daytrip Only** (No Food included): $10 Please note- if you daytrip without pre-registering, this will be the only option available.

** $5 NMS applies

For more information, please search for our facebook group: West Coast Culinary Symposium

To pre-register for classes (note a sepearate pre-registration form is required for overnight accomodations- see Pre-registration Tab) visit: