Site Hours

Site Opens Friday: 10AM Merchants and Royals , 12 Noon- Populace

Site Closes Sunday: 3PM populace, 4 PM merchants

Please come back for further information on scheduling as it becomes available.

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An Tir July Coronation

July 20-22nd, 2018

Location: Zumstein Farm

41316 NE 12th Ave, Woodland, Wa. 98674


Event Steward: Ronan MacGuaire

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Event Steward and scheduling: Ronan MacGuaire

Vigil Coordination: Kendryth filia Gerald

Land Reservations: Renna Ravenswald

Merchants: Matthais von Schwarzenberg

Class Coordinator: Catriona Dujous

Site Fees

Site Fee: $30 for Adults, w/$5 discount for members.

Youth/Children under 18 Free.

**There is no pre-registration for this event, and paypal will not be available on site due to network signal**

Checks and cash accepted- Checks to be made out to Barony of Dragon's Mist, SCA, Inc.

Classes offered

If you would like to teach at this event, please contact Lady Catriona Douglas

*All class fees to be paid to the instructor*

"Robe With All-Weather Sleeves"
Taught by Alan Khasar

2 Hours, $10
This class is on how to construct a Yuan Dynasty robe/del with sleeves that can be pulled behind the wearer's back for temperature or mess control.

The teacher will provide:
A handout
Pens and posterboard for pattern construction
Shank buttons

The student needs to bring:
-5.5 yards each two fabrics of different colors-decide which will be on the outside and which will line the garment. I'm 5'9 and this makes a garment that reaches my knees, with some leftover for mistakes/decoration/accessories. If you're particularly tall, like a longer garment, or have other sizing concerns, buy more fabric. The wider the fabric is, the better-45" will work for children or skinny people, but 54" or 60" is better.
-3.5 yards ribbon or cord matching the exterior fabric
-Thread matching BOTH fabrics
-Sewing scissors
-Way to mark the fabric
-Sewing measuring tape


Join us for the wonderful wares provided by:

  • Tandy Leather
  • Red Troll Forge
  • Gypsy Forge
  • Burnt Village
  • Tabby's Hats
  • SCA Roving Garage Sale
  • Soaps by Tiffany


If you would like to Merchant, Please contact Matthais (email listed in middle of page).