Carnevale 2017

Carnevale at Dragon’s Mist “The Dragon in Winter”

Event Date:  Saturday, March 4, 2017
Event Location:  Kinton Grange, 19016 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton, OR  97077
Event Barony:  Barony of Dragon’s Mist
Event Autocrat:  HL Kendryth filia Gerald
Site Fee:  $10 ($5 member discount)
Lunch Fee:  $5
Feast Fee:  $10

We now have information on the feast at Carnevale!

– Beef Roast and Baked Ham served with a variety of sauces to try including mustards, pesto, and garlic sauce

– Roasted baby carrots with olive oil

– Beets with garlic

– Brusselsprouts roasted with bacon and mulberry syrup

Now, wipe your chin and get ready for Carnevale!!!

***Please not- this is a DRY site- no exceptions, please plan accordingly***

Update: Baron Finn Grim has approved the format for the Dragon’s Mist Rapier Championship as laid out by HL Brandubh DeSantini, current Rapier Champion. HL Brandubh was inspired by the Championship regalia including a fully functional buckler. Therefore, the tournament will be a “Hold the Field” style double round robin. Each competitor, armed only with Rapier and Buckler, must take a turn on the field where they will fight each other competitor, in succession. Win or lose, this fighter stays on the field until they have fought every other fighter. Those not staying on the field must cycle through the 5 basic off-hand combinations, and cannot use the same combination two fights in a row (the exception being: using buckler immediately before or after holding the field). The 5 basic off-hand combinations being: rapier and open hand, rapier and baton, rapier and buckler, rapier and cape/cloak, and rapier and dagger. Some additional equipment may be available on site. However, please attempt to arrive prepared with the appropriate equipment. Questions about the format may be addressed to the Branch Rapier marshal at

The Dragon in Winter

It’s Carnevale time again in the Barony of Dragon’s Mist, and this year we are saluting the legendary reign of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine!  As you know, Henry II – also known as Henry FitzEmpress or Henry Curtmantle – was famed for his military prowess, able to move his armies at lightning speed, surprising his enemies and winning impressive victories.  In honor of this renowned skill, and in addition to hosting the Rapier Championship, we will be showcasing heavies fighting, archery, and thrown weapons.  Please note:  these will be prize tournaments, only Rapier will be hosting its Championship at Carnevale.

We will also be hosting an Assassins game at the Carnevale event – just like last year, if you would like to take part, simply pick up your game pack at Gate in the color of your choice and follow the instructions.  This year we are honoring Eleanor of Aquitaine by including a “Courts of Love” feature open to anyone.  As you know, the Courts of Love decreed that fighters must be enthralled to the object of their courtly affection, so we are giving our assassins the charge to be enthralled to member of the populace.  For $1, any member of the populace not playing as an assassin may purchase a “Courts of Love” card, where you may write in three tasks for your chosen assassin to accomplish as they try to kill and maim their way to victory.  Each task is worth five points.  A completed card is worth 20 points.  An assassin that was in last place at the end of the game may be rocketed to first by completing their Courts of Love tasks!

And, of course, we will be hosting a Hospitality Corner and classes at the event.  Come make new friends and contacts at Hospitality Corner, and learn some new skills with our classes.  Check the DM website or Facebook page for updates on the class schedule, as well as any other updates for the event.

We will also be hosting our Baronial A&S Championship at Carnevale! – Artists of the Kingdom, you are on notice!  Specifics on the championship are forthcoming – check our event site on our Dragon’s Mist website, or Facebook page!

Of course, with all of these actions and activities, you are sure to work up quite an appetite, so Dragon’s Mist will be offering both lunch and a dinner feast at this event.  Menus will be made available on both the DM event site and Facebook page.  Lunch will be available for purchase at Gate for only $5, feast will be $10.  It’s AS LI and we may all have knives, but you will want to remember to bring your feast gear with you, as well!

So remember to mark your calendars for March 4th and celebrate Carnevale with your friends in the Barony of Dragon’s Mist at Kinton Grange!  

Are you planning to join us for Carnevale? If so- please RSVP here for the meal to help out our feast steward.

**Menu will be posted soon if you’d like to see that first
***This is NOT Pre-reg, DO NOT send monies.

Thank you