The Barony of Dragon's Mist is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism which is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating European history of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (pre-1600). We celebrate Art, Service and Chivalrous combat. 

We are located in Washington and Clatsop Counties, Oregon, which is a part of the Rivers Region of the Kingdom of An Tir. We have members who study every aspect of medieval life. We are brewers, archers, calligraphers, heralds, fencers, spinners, blacksmiths, costumers, dancers, cooks and armored fighters. We enjoy feasting, spinning, needlepoint, equestrian, leather work, bead work, socializing, live weapons competition, period music, theatre and much more. If someone did it back then, you can bet someone is trying to do it now- Our goal is to learn through doing and sharing ones subject knowledge with others.

Are you new? 

WELCOME! Here are some great resources to get you started: 



Are you looking to meet some amazing people in your new Barony? Have questions about how or where to begin? These people can help:

Dragon's Mist Chatelaine

Local contact for Washington County Area

King's Device

An Tir Chatelaine

Regional Contact for Or/Wa/BC

Need to borrow some Garb to wear to your first event? This person can help:

 Dragon's Mist Gold Key Officer

Under 18 Years of Age? 

A note for our visitors 17 years of age or younger: we absolutely welcome you to participate in our activities and events!

Some of the things you can do in the Society, however,require a parent or guardian to provide permission or complete authorizing paperwork before participation.

Please check with your kingdom to determine what's needed from your parent or guardian for you to enjoy the Society to the fullest!


Want to know where activities happen in your new Barony? Here is a good place to start. 

Regular Meetings/Practices              

Baronial Event Calendar

An Tir Event Calendar

"Treat your lessers as your equals, your equals as your betters, and those of high degree with respect and courtesy equal to their achievements and stations."

Things to Read...

An Tir Glossary of Terms

Navigating your First SCA Event

Forms of Address- What do I call them?

Courtly Manners- How do I act around royalty?

What is An Tir's Sumptuary law? And is it really a law?

Fealty and Homage and Apprentices vs Man-at-arms

How do I get started fighting? 


What does A.S. mean? 

How do I choose a name? - Registering it is optional, but here's how!

An Tiki Wiki- Get to know us through populace maintained articles and history in a wiki format. 

Paid membership in the SCA (optional) has many great benefits : 

  • Discounted entry fees at most events
  • Sustaining/International members have electronic access to every kingdom's newsletter, along with supplementary publications that include photos, educational articles, and creative works. They can also subscribe to additional publications.
  • The ability to hold office and to enter Crown/Coronet Tournaments