Baronial Retinue

Behind every great Noble, there are retinue...

Those are the attendants that you see following often behind Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist as well as the Their Majesties and Highnesses of An Tir.

Retinue is an extremely important part of every reign and any court activity that you see; they attend the Royals, organize court proceedings, are are often the organizers of all of the pageantry that makes these experiences so rich.

For the court of Jose and Ana, a staff of permanent retinue has been established for the core positions, however they would LOVE to have volunteers- experienced and brand new- to help fill out that retinue at both local and kingdom events. If you have questions, or would like to volunteer, please contact the retinue listed below-

Heads of Retinue - Lady Renna Ravenswald and Lord Ronan Macquire

Oversees the general goings on for the other retinue members, they are the point of contact for any questions you may have. They have been granted our authority to make decisions and direct activities on their Excellencies behalf. Any business that needs to come to their Excellencies should go through a Head of Retinue first.

Head of retinue will keep track of our progress and initiate (approx 2 weeks out) the movements of the retinue team as a whole for each even TE's attend. They will also make a generalized call out for attendants for each event once on the Baronial Facebook pages.

Head of Ceremonial Guard- Lord Vélinn Rulavson

Oversees the assignment of guards to their Excellencies for local and travel events alike, sets up guard schedules and is the point of contact for any brute squad needs.

Head Lady in Waiting- Lady Sarah of Dragon's Mist

Oversees the assignment of attendants to Their Excellencies for local and travel events alike and sets up those attendant schedules.

Court Coordinator/Reporter - Lady Margaret Fae  (subject line:"Baronial Retinue")

Home game coordinator of all things in Dragon's Mist court- gathering of supplies, scrolls, seals, pendants, kneeling pillows, etc. Works in concert with the Baronial herald to set up order of operations for court, ensure ceremonials are available, etc. Stands in court and provides those items to the Herald/Coronets as needed. Organizes court processionals. Records and reports awards granted to the OP clerk. Coordinates with the contacts of other Baronies and Their royal Majesties to determine needs for travelling court, feasts, camping, etc.


Court Herald: Lord Davide di Francesco Dominici

Maintains appropriate and updated ceremonials, works in concert with CC for order of operations in court, and to conduct court business as TE's pleasure. Set up toasts as needed for feasts.

Largesse Coordinator:  Lady Ilariya Charmain Litomerice

Organizes the creation of largesse, assembles largess packs and are points of contact for all artisans wishing to contribute. They may also assist with prizes for various competitions as needed on a case by case basis.

Baronial Camp Coordinator: Lord Eoghan O'Briain

Point of contact and primary authority for all things regarding the Baronial Encampment. Will put in land requests for Baronial encampments, and if needed create layout for tents within those spaces. Will also request Eric space if needed for baronial pavilion.