Award Recommendations

Not sure if someone has an award? Search for them in the Order of Precedence!

To make a recommendation, please see descriptions below for recommendable awards and then send an email to Baron Jose and Baroness Ana (Instructions below).

Service Award Recommendation

1. Jewel of the Dragon (The Hand of Fulla) - an entry level service award as recognition to members of the barony
2. The Dragon's Egg - awarded to minors for service
3. Horn of the Dragon (Vinur Orminum) - awarded to friends of the barony who provide sustained assistance and services
4. Sable Pillar - an award for households that provide exceptional services to the barony
5. White Cloud- A populace's choice award for service to the Barony

Largesse / A&S Award Recommendation

1. Ring Maker - an entry level award for providing largesse to the barony
2. Golden Basket (Sindri's Gift) - an advanced award for creation and donation of arts and sciences items for baronial use or regalia
3. Argent Forge - Arts and Sciences entry level

Favor or Recognition Recommendation

1. Dragon's Dawn - acknowledgement of the birth of new babies to members of the barony
2. Dragon's Kin - acknowledgement of baronial citizenship to those who live outside our bounds but consider Dragon's Mist their home

Martial Award Recommendation

1. Argent Dragon's Blade - an award for martial leadership on behalf of the barony


Ready to refer a worthy recipient? 

To make a recommendation, please send an email to Baron Jose and Baroness Ana with the following information: 


Email Subject Line: Award Recommendation

Email Body:

1. Your SCA Name:
2. Your email address:
3. Recipient's SCA Name:
4. Name of Award you're recommending:
5. Reason for award recommendation:
6. What is the next DM event you believe this recipient will attend? 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our webminister

Dragon's Mist also has polling Orders!

These are decided by the member of those orders- If you think someone should be inducted into one of these orders, please contact their order Secretaries- (Listed)

Order of the Book and Quill

Advanced A&S

(Disa Birilundi)

Order of the Crossed Roads 

Rapier Prowess

(Eoghan O'Briain)

Order of the Dragon's Tear

Outstanding past Seneschals

(Eoghan O'Briain)

Order of the Heart of Dragon's Mist

Advanced Service

(Eulalia Piebakere)

Order of the Pierced Heart 

Archery/Thrown Weapons Prowess

(A'nrothan O'Murchadha)

Order of the Sanguine Stained Banner 

Armored Fighter Prowess

(Istvan Gyori)