** A New Customary Version is waiting to be ratified at the DM Business Meeting on 10/11/17.


This is the governing document for the Barony of Dragon’s Mist, an official branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. This document denotes branch policies only and is subject to Kingdom Law, SCA Corpora, local, state and federal laws. It is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc, and does not delineate SCA policies

    1. This document is Version 3.0 and was ratified on November 12, 2014
    2. This governing document will be reviewed at least once per year
    3. Review of, and changes to, this document will take place at a meeting open to all members of the branch
    4. Proposed changes to this Customary may be suggested at any business meeting and will be published in the Dragon’s Tongue
    5. A Quorum of the branch must be present to conduct this business


  1. Barony (or Baronial): The Barony of Dragon’s Mist (pertaining to the..)
  2. Coronet: Ceremonial representative(s) of the Crown of An Tir. The Coronet may be comprised of one or two individuals, regardless of gender
  3. Courtier: A non-fighter trained in the ways of the Court and sworn to serve the Coronet, having fulfilled the requirements of the Sergeantry Trials set forth by the Coronet.
  4. Corpora: The document defining those policies governing historical re-creation within the Society, and those policies applicable to the entire Society
  5. The Crier: An Tir’s newsletter
  6. The Dragon’s Tongue: Dragon’s Mist’s newsletter
  7. Event Steward: the coordinator of an event, responsible for planning, proposing, budgeting, staffing, organizing, reporting, executing, and final closing report of a branch event.
  8. Gallant: A rapier fighter sworn to serve the Coronet, having fulfilled the requirements of the Sergeantry Trials set forth by the Coronet
  9. Kingdom: The Kingdom of An Tir
  10. Populace: An active participant with the Barony
  11. Quorum: the Coronet, Seneschal, Exchequer, at least 2 other major officers, and two additional members of the barony
  12. Retinue: Persons asked by the Coronet to coordinate their personal and Court business.
  13. Society: The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA)
  14. Sergeant: A heavy fighter sworn to serve the Coronet, having fulfilled the requirements of the Sergeantry Trials set forth by the Coronet
  15. Warrantable: Paid Members who meet Corpora and Kingdom guidelines to serve as an officer or deputy
  16. Yeoman: An archer sworn to serve the Coronet, having fulfilled the requirements of the Sergeantry Trials set forth by the Coronet.


    1. The Barony of Dragon’s Mist is geographically located in Washington and Clatsop Counties, State of Oregon, USA and encompasses the Postal Zip Codes: Arch Cape(97102), Astoria (97103), Banks (97106), Beaverton (97003), Beaverton (97005), Beaverton (97006), Beaverton (97007), Beaverton (97008), Beaverton (97075), Beaverton (97076), Beaverton (97077), Beaverton (97078), Buxton (97109), Cannon Beach (97110), Clatskanie (97016), Cornelius (97113), Forest Grove (97116), Gales Creek (97117), Gaston (97119), Hammond (97121), Hillsboro (97123), Hillsboro (97124), Manning (97125), North Plains (97133), Portland (97223), Portland (97224), Portland (97225), Portland (97229), Portland (97281), Portland (97291), Portland (97298), Seaside (97138), Sherwood (97140), Timber (97144), Tolovana Park (97145), Tualatin (97062), Warrenton (97146)
    2. Membership: All paid members of the SCA ages fifteen (15) or older residing within the above-listed postal zip codes, Coronets, Major Officers, Minor Officers, Officer’s Deputies, Champions, Recipients of the “Dragon’s Kin” award, and Sergeants of the Barony of Dragon’s Mist



The Coronet are ceremonial representatives of the Crown of An Tir within the Barony and are appointed by the Crown of An Tir with the ability to create and administer awards. They serve as inspirational leadership for the Barony. The Coronet are required to:

    1. Fulfill Their duties as outlined in Corpora, Kingdom Law
    2. Execute lawful commands of the Crown
    3. Exemplify the traits of chivalry, including courtesy, honesty, fairness, generosity and virtue; and encourage these traits in the Barony’s populace
    4. Represent the Crown to the people of the Barony in Their absence
    5. Represent the Barony to the Crown and at meetings of the Noble Estate
    6. Have the prerogative to establish and make awards specific to the Barony to acknowledge skill, service and other achievements
    7. Bestow and administer the rank of Sergeant-at-Arms (or its equivalent) for the Barony; establish criteria for Sergeant trials; appoint a “Captain of Sergeants”
    8. Hold Court to bestow awards and encourage pomp and ceremony in the Barony
    9. Receive copies of reports from Baronial Officers
    10. Receive and review copy of Baronial Seneschal’s report to Kingdom
    11. Encourage officers and give input on Baronial officer replacements to the Crown and Kingdom officers when such need arises
    12. Serve on the Barony’s Financial Committee
    13. Maintain membership in the Society and receive the “Crier” and the “Dragon’s Tongue”
    14. The Coronet may appoint persons to Their Retinue; They may appoint a Baronial Court Herald; and They may accept or make declarations of War



All officers have Contingency Deputies who are approved by the officers as warrantable (where applicable), sufficiently experienced and knowledgeable to take over the duties of the office. Major Officers (a-f below) may not hold another office or deputy position within the branch. Officers are entitled to choose their own deputies


  1. Seneschal – is responsible for the coordination of the Society activities in the branch and is the legal representative for the branch; presides at branch meetings; required to sit on the Financial Committee of the branch
  2. White Dragon Pursuivant – makes announcements, handles Court and Ceremony, tracks awards, and assists in the process of registering the names and devices of branch members
  3. Scribe – acquire, create, copy and paint scrolls and charters for recognition by Royalty, Nobles and the branch; offer educational and display opportunities for the branch scribal arts
  4. Chancellor of the Exchequer – responsible for the handling of all Society funds within the branch; required to sit on the Financial Committee of the branch
  5. Armored Marshal – must be an An Tir warranted Senior Combat Marshal; maintains and develops combat standards in the branch, and furthers education and enforcement of safe combat. The Marshal may have deputies for various combat forms; conducts regular practice; maintains and stores branch heavy combat loaner gear. Junior Combat Marshals may hold this office if they receive their Senior Marshal authorization with 90 days of taking office
      1. Rapier Marshal – must be an An Tir warranted Rapier Marshal; responsible for maintenance and development of rapier combat standards in the branch, and the education and enforcement of safe rapier combat; conducts regular rapier practice; maintains and stores branch rapier loaner gear.
      2. Archery Marshal – must be an An Tir warranted Archery Marshal; oversees both combat and unarmored archery standards in the branch, education and enforcement of safe archery; conducts regular archery practice; maintains and stores branch archery loaner gear.
      3. Youth Archery Marshal – must pass background check; must be an An Tir warranted Archery Marshal; oversees youth archery standards in the branch, education and enforcement of safe archery for the youth of the branch.
      4. Youth Armored Combat (YAC) Marshal – must pass background check; must be an An Tir warranted YAC Marshal; oversees YAC combat standards in the branch; education and enforcement of safe combat for the youth of the branch.
      5. Thrown Weapons Marshal – Must be an An Tir warranted Thrown Weapons Marshal; oversees thrown weapons standards in the branch, education and enforcement of safe thrown weapons activities, and maintains and stores and branch thrown weapons.
  6. Minister of Arts and Sciences – Encourage the research and development of historically accurate period art forms, technologies and philosophies.
  7. Chronicler – The branch chronicler is responsible for keeping minutes of the branch business meetings and for publishing the branch newsletter, “The Dragon’s Tongue,” which includes the minutes, officers’ contact information, site for the business meetings, practices, local area meetings, event copy, and other articles of interest to the branch.
  8. Chatelaine – provides an introduction to the Current Middle Ages to new and prospective members, advising newcomers of the conventions of the Society, their Kingdom and branch, encouraging participation; provide educational information and resources
  9. Chirurgeon – must be an An Tir warranted Chirurgeon; provides voluntary first aid at Society events; notify attendees of health and safety concerns at events
  10. Web Minister – maintains and updates the branch website
  11. Minister of Family Activities – must pass a Society background check; ensures that activities for youth in the branch are carried out in accordance with Kingdom, Society, and Mundane requirements


    1. Major Officers and Warranted Marshals must submit written reports, on time, to their Kingdom Supervising Officer or their representative, quarterly.
    2. Major Officers, Minor Officers and Contingency Deputies must submit written reports the Seneschal, or their supervising branch officer by the end of each month, with a copy to the Coronet and Chronicler.
    3. Event Stewards are required to follow established An Tir event policies, including but not limited to:
      1. Submit a written event budget to the branch as part of their event proposal, the proposal needs to include the date, name/theme of the event, prospective sites, proposed budget, event activities
      2. Deliver written copies of all legal agreements (e.g. site rental contracts) to the Seneschal for approval/signature prior to the event
      3. Report monthly at the branch business meeting from the time their event is approved until such time as the event is officially closed; they may report in absentia, via email, or send a representative as needed except that Event Stewards, their Contingency Deputy and/or Mentor must be present at the two (2) business meetings immediately preceding the event, and all the business meetings after their event until the event is closed
      4. Be responsible for monies paid and received in for their event until such time as these are turned over to the Exchequer. Receipts for expenditures must be given to the Exchequer for reimbursement within 30 days of the event. The event steward must report on all event income and expenditures by the second branch business meeting following the event
      5. Create a Date Reservation Form for their event, and submit to the Seneschal; this DRF may be approved by the branch prior to approval of the event proposal in order to reserve the date on the Kingdom Calendar; approval of DRF does not constitute approval of the event proposal
      6. Event budgets must be published in the Dragon’s Tongue prior to final approval
      7. Upon approval of their event, create an Event Information Form for their event, and submit to the Seneschal
      8. Create newsletter copy and see that it gets in local newsletters and the Crier if necessary


    1. All officers and Coronets must maintain SCA memberships for the duration of their terms
    2. Selection for the Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Pursuivant, Seneschal and Webminister will occur in November of even-numbered years
    3. Selection for the Chronicler, Exchequer, Marshall, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Minister of Family Activities, and Scribe will occur November of odd-numbered years
    4. Officer terms will begin January 1st in the year immediately following selection and will last for two years unless otherwise limited by kingdom policy
    5. Each September, an announcement calling for letters of intent for opening offices will be posted in the Dragon’s Tongue
    6. Letters of intent must be received by the end of October to be published in the October Dragon’s Tongue. A candidate ‘meet and greet’ may be scheduled on an as-needed basis
    7. Letters of intent may also be read at the October business meeting
    8. Polling will be held at the branch meeting by a simple majority vote of members present at the meeting; no votes by proxy or electronic means will be accepted. A discussion regarding the candidate will be held before polling
    9. It is recommended that the new Major Officer ask the outgoing Officer to serve as their Contingency Deputy until they can approve a new Contingency Deputy
    10. The new officer will provide a copy of their current membership card to the Seneschal
    11. The definition of “acting officer” applies only until the officer is warranted by Kingdom; once warranted by Kingdom, where necessary, the officer will be sworn in before the branch and receive the regalia of office;
    12. Any member of the branch may petition the Kingdom offices concerned for removal of an officer with notification to the branch Seneschal.
    13. A Baronial Officer can be removed by consensus of the Coronet and Seneschal in coordination with the officer’s Kingdom Supervising Officer after attempts have been made to improve the officer’s performance, more fully documented in An Tir Kingdom Law Article III.C.3, and outlined below:
      1. Formal verbal conversation with the Seneschal and Coronets, officer is given 30 days to improve deficiencies in their performance of their office
      2. Written warning which is cc’d to the officer’s kingdom supervising officer, officer is given 30 days to improve deficiencies in their performance of their office
    14. Should an officer need to vacate their office in the middle of their term, their contingency deputy will serve in the office until an election can be held to find an officer to finish the term. In most cases, this will occur at the business meeting following the officer’s resignation.


    1. Current Branch Champions include: Heavy Armored Combat, Rapier, Arts & Sciences, Archery, Youth Champion (Junior and Senior), Bardic, and Thrown Weapons.
    2. The Coronet may add champions at their pleasure
    3. Champions must be SCA members
    4. Champions hold office until the next respective Championship Tournament is held and new Champions emerge victorious
    5. Entrants must affirm their intention to attend the next respective Championship Tournament when entering the Championship
    6. Individuals may not enter DM’s Championship Tournament if they are Champions for any other branch.
    7. Champions may not compete in any other branch’s Championship Tournament unless there is less than 3 months remaining in their baronial tenure
    8. Champions are responsible for coordinating the next Championship Tournament in coordination with the Coronet


    1. Argent Dragon’s Blade – for exemplary Martial service and leadership
    2. Aslaug’s Distaff – for Arts & Sciences prowess
    3. Baron(s)’ and Baroness(es)’ favors – granted by the Coronet for personal service
    4. Dragon’s Dawn – Acknowledgement of New Baronial Infant
    5. Dragon’s Egg – Child’s Service Award
    6. Dragon’s Kin – Acknowledgment of Baronial Citizenship for those living outside the barony’s borders
    7. Hand of Fulla – entry level service award
    8. Order of the Heart of Dragon’s Mist – for exemplary and long term service to the Barony (Polling Order)
    9. Order of the Crossroads (Einvigi) – Rapier Prowess (Polling Order)
    10. Order of the Dragon’s Tear – Outstanding Past Seneschals (Polling Order)
    11. Order of the Einherjar – for martial prowess and leadership on the field (Polling Order)
    12. Order of the Hounds of Ull – Archery/Thrown Weapons Prowess (Polling Order)
    13. Ring Maker – Entry Level for Largess Creation
    14. Sable Pillar – Exceptional Household Service
    15. Sindri’s Gift – for Arts & Sciences used in as regalia or in service to the Barony
    16. Vinur Orminum (friend of the Dragon) – given to residents outside the Barony for their service
    17. White Cloud – for contributions to the Barony, recipients are nominated by the populace
    18. New members for polling orders are selected as follows:
      1. Members of the order choose a recipient and recommend them to the Coronet
      2. The Premier of the order shall serve as the administrator and voice to the Coronet, upon the resignation or death of the Premier, the order shall convene and offer a name to the Coronet to be appointed as head of the order


    1. Business meetings are held monthly
    2. The Seneschal is responsible for developing and distributing a guide to meeting procedure called ‘Dragon’s Rules of Order’ to facilitate effective meetings
    3. The Chronicler is responsible for the minutes of all Business Meetings. Minutes will include, but are not limited to:
      1. Attendance roster, date, time and location of the meeting
      2. What items were put to vote; results of vote; funds allocated
      3. General business conducted at the meeting
    4. The unofficial written minutes from the Business Meeting will be included in “The Dragon’s Tongue.” At the following Business Meeting, any necessary revisions/corrections will be made. The final version of the minutes will then be approved by vote of those members in attendance. A signed copy of the approved official minutes and corresponding attendee sign-in sheets will be given to the Seneschal by the next Business Meeting
    5. Business Meetings are convened for the purpose of reviewing policies, authorizing the expenditure of funds or other business that pertains to the functioning of the Barony.
    6. A Quorum will be required at a Business Meeting for the purpose of expending funds or changing official policies of the Barony.
    7. If the Seneschal or Contingency Seneschal is not present (physically or digitally) at the meeting within 30” of the meeting start time, the meeting will be cancelled
    8. Decisions at Business Meetings will be reached by simple majority vote of members of the Barony present. In the case of a tie the Coronet, will cast the one deciding vote.
    9. Items for the agenda will be submitted to the Seneschal by the end of the month


    1. Financial Committee is composed of the Seneschal, the Exchequer, Coronet, and four (4) members of the branch. The Financial Policy documents are separate from this Customary, they are included as an appendix herewith.
    2. The Ransomers’ Company Dragon’s Mist is granted incipient status through the end of 2015. The Ransomers’ Company shall operate under the purview of the Coronet.
    3. Baronial Guilds and Companies may have their name published in the Dragon’s Tongue. They do not need to submit regular reports


    1. The “Dragon’s Tongue” Newsletter is:
      1. Published monthly;
      2. Publicly available and well-advertised
      3. Available in PDF or other portable format by the last day of each month
      4. Contains the minutes of the most recent business meeting; officer reports; meeting and practice dates and times; event copy; other articles approved by the Chronicler.
      1. Branch web site, administered by the Web Minister






Financial Policy of the Barony of Dragon’s Mist

    1. The Society Financial Policy and the Kingdom of An Tir Financial Policy are the first, foremost and final word on all financial issues in the Barony. Baronial Policy will not contradict anything stated in the financial policies of the Society or the Kingdom.
    2. The current version of the Exchequer’s Handbook serves as the main resource to any questions to financial dealings in the Barony.
    3. All references to the “Branch,” as a separate entity, shall be defined as: (1) all current members of the Society for Creative Anachronism present at a Baronial Business Meeting; and (2) members of the Barony of Dragon’s Mist as defined by the Barony of Dragon’s Mist Customary.
    4. The Branch Exchequer, with assistance from the Baronial Officers, shall establish a budget for each upcoming year, to be approved at the December business meeting of the year preceding the budget. It is recommended that a draft budget be submitted in advance of the November business meeting, to give the Branch sufficient time to review, comment, and resolve any outstanding issues.


    1. The Financial Committee shall be composed of the Coronet, the Branch Seneschal, the Branch Exchequer and four (4) branch members.
    2. The Coronet of Dragon’s Mist act as a singular entity for the purposes of voting as a representative of their position. Both need not be present to exercise their collective vote.
    3. The Coronet, the Branch Seneschal and Branch Exchequer shall be on the Financial Committee for the duration of their term of office.  All other members shall serve one year from their appointment date.
    4. The four (4) branch members shall be appointed to the financial committee by the Branch at the December business meeting of each year for the upcoming year.
    5. Members of the financial committee are required to be current members of the Society for Creative Anachronism during the entirety of their term.
    6. If a member is unable to fulfill the responsibilities of the office or the requirements, a new member maybe appointed at the next possible business meeting and shall fulfill the remainder of the term.
    7. The Financial Committee will carry out their duties as specified in the financial policies of the Society and/or the Kingdom and the Exchequer’s Handbook.
    8. The Financial Committee shall meet no less than once per quarter.  This meeting can take place via conference call or group email. All financial meeting minutes shall be made available in the Dragon’s Tongue after being approved at the next Financial Committee meeting.
    9. The Financial Committee may conduct business if a quorum of its membership is present. A quorum shall consist of the Coronet, the Branch Seneschal, the Branch Exchequer and at least two members. A simple majority vote amongst the Financial Committee shall be required for all financial decisions of the Financial Committee.


    1. All expenditures shall be pre-approved by the Branch or Financial Committee, directly or via an approved budget.  Any one requiring reimbursement for approved funds spent on behalf of the Barony should submit their request for reimbursement within 45 days of expenditure with receipt. Per Kingdom policy, “Branch Exchequers are only obligated to reimburse for receipts presented within 120 days of the expenditure.” Receipts presented after 120 days will need the approval of the Financial Committee to receive reimbursement.
    2. All checks issued to individuals should be cashed in a reasonable time-frame.  Any check outstanding for more than one (1) year will be voided. If the individual still wishes to receive reimbursement, a written request must be made to the Financial Committee detailing the reasons for not having deposited the original funds, and a reissue of a check will be up to the Financial Committee’s discretion.
    3. All expenditures over $150 require the approval of both the Financial Committee and the Branch and shall be published in the Dragon’s Tongue within thirty (30) days of approval.
    4. All expenditures over $500 must be published in the preceding month’s Dragon’s Tongue before being voted upon at the following business meeting.
    5. All Baronial officers are required to submit a budget for their office by the November business meeting for the upcoming year.


    1. The Financial Policy shall be reviewed upon change of office of Branch Exchequer by the Financial Committee. Changes must be approved by the Financial Committee and the Branch to be submitted for approval from the Kingdom Exchequer.
    2. The Financial Policy can be reviewed as deemed necessary by the Financial Committee. Any revisions must be approved by both the Financial Committee and the Branch before being submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer for approval.


    1. Gate shall be operated by no less than two (2) individuals.  One of which must be an adult (18+ years old) and a current member of the Society of Creative Anachronism.
    2. All checks must be made out to SCA, Inc. Barony of Dragon’s Mist.  All checks must be stamped or endorsed “Deposit Only” on receipt of check and placed within the cash box.
    3. Only two Baronial Officers may take money out of the Cash Box for deposit, which must be the Branch Seneschal, Branch Exchequer, or their designated Deputy and the Event Steward. All removal of funds and checks from the cash box require a Gate Reconciliation Form to be filled and left with the cash box.
    4. All funds collected from an event must be deposited only in the Baronial bank account within seven (7) business days of event business closure. All deposits require a Deposit Record Form and receipt to be turned into the Branch Exchequer.
    5. The following individuals will receive complementary passes to Dragon’s Mist events. If an event has a separate gate and food cost only the gate fee will be waived. The Coronets of Dragon’s Mist and the Event Stewart(s) may choose to use some of their passes for themselves or gift them to others:
      1. All sitting Royals and their Heirs
      2. The Coronets of Dragon’s Mist (4 Passes)
      3. Heirs to the Coronet of Dragon’s Mist
      4. Landed Coronets from other Baronies
      5. Champions
      6. Event Stewards (4 Passes)
      7. Dragon’s Mist Seneschal and Exchequer
    6. Gate fees will not be charged to minors under 18 years of age attending events with their parent(s) or guardian(s). If an even has a separate gate and food cost a meal cost may be charged to minors.
    7. Refunds will only be issued at the discretion of the Financial Committee.  Requests must be made in writing with a detailed explanation no later than seven (7) days after the event. All refunds will only be made via check drawn on the Barony’s bank account within thirty (30) days of the request being approved by the Financial Committee. No cash refunds will be issued nor will any refund be issued from an event cash box.



In the event of a check being returned as non-sufficient funds (NSF), all efforts will be made to recover the amount of the check as well as any NSF related bank fees as outlined in the Exchequers handbook.


  1. HE Faunus de Arden, Baron of Dragon’s Mist
  2. HE Finn Grim, Baron of Dragon’s Mist
  3. Lady Anne Midwinter, Interim Seneschal
  4. HL Alexander Scot, Exchequer
  5. HL Iuliana de la Sara
  6. HL Disa i Burkilundi
  7. Mistress Cassia Rafaella
  8. HL Lisette de la Rose