Words from Their Excellencies of Dragon’s Mist

To our neighbors and friends, to the SCA as a whole, and to the wider world we inhabit and seek to educate, The following represents our personal opinions. We are not empowered to speak on behalf of the SCA as a whole, but to the extent that they will allow us, we speak on behalf of our own family, and for the peace of mind of our own barony. The Society for Creative Anachronism has a fifty-two-year history of being a place where lovers of Continue reading →

A letter from the Baroness

Unto my most noble populous,   I am humbled by the great toil and sentiment that has been put into the overhaul of our governing document and customary. It is apparent to Jose and I that the governance and organization of this Barony is of the utmost importance to you, and we are exultant for that passion. We hear that there are those who still have concerns, and are sympathetic to listen to all of those issues- we ask that you express those concerns to Continue reading →

Baronial Customary, Final Draft

**This is NOT the most up to date version– please see the post from Oct 14th for updated version** Thank you to one and all who joined us last night for the Customary Review Finale. I’ve uploaded the final document we created based on suggestions and questions. Please read if you were not present. We will be voting to ratify this document (Whole hog) at the Oct Business Meeting on 10/11. No further suggested changes will be accepted at that meeting, this will be either Continue reading →

Gold Key

Gold Key (dragonsmist.goldkey@antir.org)- Lady Sorcha ruadh inghen Seafridh– maintains a collection of clothing, accessories and feast gear owned by the branch to loan to guests and new members; brings Gold Key to all branch events, or arranges for someone else to do so if unable to attend the event.   For a catalog of clothing you can borrow for Baronial events, please click here.


Chatelaine (dragonsmist.chatelaine@antir.org)- Lady Ilariya Charmain Litomerice – provides an introduction to the Current Middle Ages to new and prospective members, advising newcomers of the conventions of the Society, their Kingdom and branch, encouraging participation; provide educational information and resources.