A letter from the Baroness

Unto my most noble populous,


I am humbled by the great toil and sentiment that has been put into the overhaul of our governing document and customary. It is apparent to Jose and I that the governance and organization of this Barony is of the utmost importance to you, and we are exultant for that passion.

We hear that there are those who still have concerns, and are sympathetic to listen to all of those issues- we ask that you express those concerns to us with these considerations:

  • We are attempting to create a governing document for over 200 individuals with varying focuses and Dreams, opinions about the best way to go about any one thing will be as varied as the populace who contribute.
  • We avidly request that any and all populace that wish to contribute, do so. We ask that they do so within the bounds of the process set forth, this process was publicly documented and approved by the Kingdom Seneschal.
  • Jose and I ask that you please read the document fully, ask questions or seek clarification if you need to do so. The appropriate way to express these concerns is through an email to myself, His Excellency and our Seneschal. If you are uncomfortable addressing us directly, please contact our deputy Seneschal, Eoghan. You are also welcome to contact our Heads of Retinue or the Kingdom seneschal. We cannot fully address concerns in the form of whispers from an unknown source.
  • Please do not argue points of the governing document on our PUBLIC Facebook page. This is not healthy for the Barony as a whole, it is dispiriting to newcomers that we would like to encourage to stay and it is rude to those from outside our area that are subscribed only to keep up on our news and events. – Having said that- please also understand that this is not anyone trying to silence opinions or dissent. All are welcomed to their opinions, and we’re happy to have open and respectful discussion about how, when and why decisions are made and how to be involved in those decisions.
  • And PLEASE –I cannot stress this enough– come to the monthly business meeting in November and VOTE. This is your voice. There is no recompense for a vote in either direction- if you can support the document as it was written by this cycle of the process, then vote yes. If there is an item, or items you just CANNOT live with- then PLEASE vote no- as is your right and responsibility. If the majority votes that this version of the Customary will not stand, then we will begin the process again, opening for commentary, meeting publicly to create a new “final” document and voting on it again as a whole.

Once again we thank all of those contributing their time and energy to making this Barony the best it can be, we look forward, as always to hearing from each of you.

Yours in Service,

Baroness Ana

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