Baronial Customary, Final Draft- Update

It was brought to our attention (Thank you Your Ladyship Brigitta) that there was some clarification of process needed in the wording surround the installation of new Baronial Officers based on the conversation and agreement of that process at the Customary Meeting. In order to clarify that intent, we have updated that section of the customary (Red highlights the changes/additions). There was also a change to the FORMATTING only of the A & S officer section, to clarify that they are a minor officer under Continue reading →

A letter from the Baroness

Unto my most noble populous,   I am humbled by the great toil and sentiment that has been put into the overhaul of our governing document and customary. It is apparent to Jose and I that the governance and organization of this Barony is of the utmost importance to you, and we are exultant for that passion. We hear that there are those who still have concerns, and are sympathetic to listen to all of those issues- we ask that you express those concerns to Continue reading →

Baronial Customary, Final Draft

**This is NOT the most up to date version– please see the post from Oct 14th for updated version** Thank you to one and all who joined us last night for the Customary Review Finale. I’ve uploaded the final document we created based on suggestions and questions. Please read if you were not present. We will be voting to ratify this document (Whole hog) at the Oct Business Meeting on 10/11. No further suggested changes will be accepted at that meeting, this will be either Continue reading →

Baronial Customary Review

Greetings unto the finest Populace in An Tir! It is time for the ever anticipated customary review.   **Please read this entire post before you begin your review* 1. As mentioned previously- this process was started a bit over a month ago by myself, our Baron, Baron Finn, our Seneschal and Companion Selene of 3M. We reviewed the most recent document and made suggested edits (which are recorded below) to help accelerate this process. 2. This is an ONLINE only commentary process. The link below Continue reading →

Baronial Polling

Fair populace of Dragon’s Mist-   The time for selection of our new Baronial couple is quickly approaching-   At the request of His Excellency Finn and the Order of their Gracious and most mighty majesties of An Tir, we will be holding our Baronial polling in June. Please be aware of the following dates and happenings if you wish to participate in the selection of our new baronial couple:   –Letters of Intent, SCA Dossiers and RL Resumes are due for prospective Baronial couples Continue reading →