One Hour for our Kingdom

The work of our Majesties is important and costly. Please help support Their efforts with a Once-a-Reign donation equal to one hour of your salary (or whatever can be afforded).
 You may donate via PayPal, Zelle, or other on-line method of choice using as the target e-mail, or via check directly to the Kingdom Exchequer. Please put “One Hour” in the Check Memo. 
NB: The account these monies go into is used exclusively for this effort. It co-mingles with no other monies nor purposes.
For Questions, Comments, Suggestions or to assist, please contact 
Sir Brand
Deputy for Inspirational Giving (fundraising)
Kingdom of An Tir
Under the Office of The Exchequer of An Tir
OneHourForOurKingdom {at}
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