Baronial Polling

Fair populace of Dragon’s Mist-
The time for selection of our new Baronial couple is quickly approaching-
At the request of His Excellency Finn and the Order of their Gracious and most mighty majesties of An Tir, we will be holding our Baronial polling in June. Please be aware of the following dates and happenings if you wish to participate in the selection of our new baronial couple:
–Letters of Intent, SCA Dossiers and RL Resumes are due for prospective Baronial couples as of June1st. These should be sent to our lovely Seneschal, Alaina and please copy HE Finn.
— A meet and greet with all couples has been set for the Revels on 06/16 at our Beaverton Community Center. Please feel free to stop by and chat with all of our new prospective couples.
— The IN PERSON ONLY polling will be held on June 30th at Revels. Details to be posted soon, but please be aware that if you would like to submit your official polling form as a Baronial member, you will need to be present to do so.
**If you cannot be present for the polling, are not a member of Dragon’s Mist, OR not a blue card hold please remember you can still register an opinion to TRM through letters/emails to them directly. Please speak to any and all couples as you see fit.
Please remember this is not an election, you do not vote on one set only, you will provide opinions and suggestions to TRM who will ultimately make the final pick.
If you have any other questions, please contact our Lovely Seneschal, Aly– she should be our only polling point of contact.
Thank you,
And have a great day!
Yours in Service,
Ana De la Sara
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