Baronial Business conducted 12/08/2017

Congratulations to our newly selected Baronial officers, to step up Jan 1, 2018.

Catriona Douglas- A and S Officer
Kendryth filia Gerald- Chronicler
Ingvar Nikitich Voinov- Exchequer
Conrad Demetrius- Marshal (Renewal)
Mairghread inghean Dubhghaill – Scribe
Aoife ingen Niall- Chamberlain
Livi Astrajord- Chamberlain Contingency Deputy

Thank you to the populace for showing up and expressing opinions on the Baronial Customary- the most recently published version was ratified, with one change- according to kingdom the A and S officer is a Major Officer. It can be found here.

With a new Exchequer, we will also start with a fresh financial committee to be made up of:
Aly (Seneschal), Ingvar (Exchequer), Ana and Jose(TE DM), Kendryth (Major Officer), Cara Dea (Populace), Catriona (Populace) and Adele (Populace). Thank you all for your commitment and service.

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