Baronial Holidays

Unto the most compassionate populace of Dragon’s Mist: 
We are closing out our year with some joy and some sorrow. This week one of our Sister Baronies lost two of their treasured populace in a train incident unexpectedly. To Blatha an Oir We send Our heartfelt condolences and offer Our help and love in this horrible time of loss, in whatever they need. 
It is times like these, where joy is so vibrantly highlighted with sorrow, that We are reminded of the family that We have created here, the amazing network of giving and talented people who care for each other so deeply. We ask you to take a look around you, observe and take in the love and community that you have here. Recognize that these, your peers (and Peers), have, in their effort to find their own dream, woven yours in there, too.
Take a moment and tell them you see their efforts, their love, their passion, and that it makes up a priceless part of your dream. Take a moment and appreciate those around you and those you love and cherish, whether friends, family, or something else. Tell them. Then, tell them again. If you believe they need to hear it again, tell your Baron or Baroness, write to the King and Queen; recognize them for the joy they bring you. 
We wish all of you the happiest of holidays with your families. And We can’t wait to see you again in the New Year. Thank you for being part of an amazing dream. 
Yours in Service and Love, 
Your Baroness, Ana
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