Request for Champion Cloak bid proposals

ATTENTION: The Barony of Dragon’s Mist is hereby requesting bid proposals for a set of champion’s cloaks. Bids are due by Feb 1st. Please email them to me, Sharon at rosecityacupuncture dot com, and I will forward them to our B&B, Seneschal, exchequer, and chronicler.

We require 6 cloaks (rectangular or actual cloaks, for heavy fighter, thrown weapons, rapier, archery, bardic, A&S) and two sashes / baldrics (for senior and junior youth champions). Each should be black and white, and bear a DM dragon as well as the insignia of the appropriate field of expertise.

For the sake of cost, allergen avoidance, and washing ease, cotton is acceptable as a material.

Ideally the A&S cloak could be completed by Carnevale (3/24) and the others to follow as the Champions turn over. Please advise us of your estimated completion dates as well as your payment requirements.

Thank you!
Tullia Saturnina, JdL, GdS
Dragon’s Mist A&S Champion

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